Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our God Is An Awesome God

Yesterday we had a prayer meeting at church and it occured to me how great our God really is.

Here we are, a bunch of insignificant people that have no value by ourselves, but what God does for us every day makes us have value to Him.

It amazes me that God would even waste His time on a people that seem more interested in themselves than worship. But He does. He is longsuffering.

He is patient and perseveres, in that the rate of spiritual growth we have is very small if it weren't for our sin. He is constantly working in the lives of all Christians to forge them into the tools we need to be to do His work. I can't think of many people that would work with such a stubborn, unyielding material without throwing their hands up in exasperation.

He is so forgiving, and I compare each sin, no matter how small (because every sin is based in the fact that we focus on ourselves instead of on God) is like a spouse committing adultery. We still are punished for it but we are always forgiven and cleansed. What an awesome God!

He is loving enough that He would send His own Son to die in our place for our sins, simply to show His glory. We don't deserve that. Make no mistake, even I deserve to go to Hell but for God's grace set on me. None of us by our own doing can make it into Heaven since the very essence of trying is a selfish act where the aim is to NOT go to Hell.

He is also loving in the way He disciplines His children. Parents who want children who are well behaved often have to punish them for their mistakes. This is an act of love, not hate. Our God, who knows all things about our lives and the entire world, knows what's best for us and steers us in the right direction. Our God loves us enough to do that, and that is amazing.

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Aaron said...

Hey bro. I just wanted to let you know that I am checking out the blog and I think that it is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to write out a testimony of the greatness of God and His direction that He is taking you!!!

Your brother,