Monday, January 14, 2008

Castrating the Gospel

Last Saturday at the Men's Prayer Breakfast, one of us got up and talked about how important it is to not water down the Gospel in favor of making it easier to swallow.

There are a lot of teachers and preachers today that will avoid touchy subjects such as grace, salvation, sin, Hell, and a whole host of others. It's a huge problem because it means that there are thousands of people who aren't willing to tell people about the grievous disease of sin that they have that WILL kill them, and it's in favor of making sure people aren't offended or scared off.

And I'm really getting tired of seeing so many preachers absolutely refuse to engage on this topic. This is THE topic--the most important one. It's got peoples' souls at stake here, and preachers are dancing around it like something unclean.

As Christians, we are not called to treat the Gospel like a thing which can be talked about at a bare minimum, and receive a merit badge for it. No. No, we're called to be true to it, not to add or take away. The Gospel by itself is offensive to people who hate the idea that they need a Savior to get to Heaven, that they can't get there by themselves.

We so badly need a revival in this country. I almost weep when I hear teachers like Paul Washer come out and I'm just thinking, "Why can't everybody be like that?" This man has been banned from quite a number of places simply because he preached as if this was his only opportunity (and apparently it was). Why are we castrating the Gospel in favor of not offending people?

Please pray that more Christians have the fortitude to take this burden on in the future, especially our younger generations.

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh, looks like people are becoming more rational and finding it hard to swallow the ideas of eternal fire and damnation. I always thought that being alive will eventually kill you. What crack pot invented this word sin? Didn't they just invent MORE sins like two weeks ago? If they can make them up I'm sure we can take them away again. It's pretty sad how many people are going to waste their lives always waiting for things to get better, don't waste your time for fun.